Mob Spawning - Needs tweaking?

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  1. I'm loving the fact the mob spawns have been changed in such a way as to make the Wild that bit more dangerous.

    What I'm not loving is that mobs are spawning on a block that's light level 12.

    I think it needs tweaked to make it workable. I'm happy with the concept of mobs springing up all around in the Wild, but in a structure I've built and secured, having them pop up in a well light room is causing endless problems. More so for the structure I'm currently building - that's twice I've been bumped off a great height and died because mobs spawned behind me in a light level over 11.

    Can we have this looked at? :)
  2. I was wondering about this cause mobs were spawning in my tree farm in Utopia. I would love it if this was fixed!
  3. I've carried out some scientific and controlled research to check the facts and can confirm that they are spawning at light levels of 12 and above.

    The scientifc setting was the bloody tower I'm building and a Skeleton spawned next to the candle behind me and shot me off the wall I was standing on about 100 blocks high.


  4. I have also witnessed this phenomenon. HIghly annoying. I mentioned it to aikar a week or 2 ago and he had not seen it / did not know.
  5. Ahh, this is what's causing problems at the philo tower at the LLO on smp7...
  6. sounds like they are being force spawned there, is the whole area around you completely lit?
    edit for llo: build a dark room to congregate spawns away from the tower, like at the base of it.
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  7. Yep. I'm using WMLL and every block is at least a 10, most are 12. I've watched them spawn beside candles.
  8. I got this problem at my slime farm.
    Hostile Mobs Spawns Everywhere....
  9. if your having trouble with mob spawns, make a dark room or natural spawner to congregate the spawns around you into a manageable area
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  10. It still needs to be fixed Work-arounds aren't always possible, and I'm starting to get really annoyed with it now. The fact they're spawning beside candles is out of order. :D
  11. this is weird... we did not touch this behavior.

    Our changes simply STOPPED monsters from spawning too far from you, and limited the mob spawn rate.

    everything from light level checking, to spawn rate, etc, is still vanilla.

    our code simply looks at the conditions for the spawn, and cancels it if their is too many, we did not modify the conditions and placement of the spawn.

    if someone can replicate it on bukkit normal might be worth reporting to them.
  12. Is there a chance that the conditions bringing mobs closer to you is over-riding the other settings for light levels, etc?
  13. the only thing relevant we did there was simply cancel spawns that arent near you. we didnt change locations or any of the formula for spawning.
  14. I know nothing of the coding involved, but it sounds like something is saying; "I need to spawn, so I'll do it here regardless what the light levels are."

    I've checked again. There are no blocks of a light level 7 or less and they are definitely spawning in a room where the minimum LL is 11. Most frustrating!
  15. which ll are you checking? cause there are 3 of them, also. the way a mob spawns naturally aikar, it first checks for valid blocks(non halfslabs, cacti, water, etc), then checks distance to the player, then light levels and chooses the darkest it can find. by limiting the distance that mobs may spawn around a player, it may be overwriting their light level check, i believe it all goes on a tiered system.
  16. It seems like Aikar needs to add another parameter to the "cancel mobs code" that cancels normal mob spawns above a light level. Need to make sure it only applies to normal mobs and not slimes, villagers, flying, or golems.
  17. haha...
    Thing is, our code doesn't get involved until after the server has already decided to ignore the light level.

    I've talked with other devs, and this is def a bug in Bukkit or likely Minecraft Vanilla. Bukkit hasnt changed anything with the light level checks.

    I'll see if i can code in a fix to check LL ourselves tonight.
  18. Great,Can you take a peek in the Ghast spawning section too?
  19. That is a fault with the plugin.
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