Mob Spawning Changes?

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  1. I noticed that in the last week or 2, passive mobs are spawning at a much lower rate than prior to that, and also hostile mobs are spawning in well lit areas on utopia again.
    I have a passive mob farm on utopia, and i would get an average of 50 horse spawns per day before.
    Now I am lucky to get 15 horse spawns in the same time period, and now hostile mobs are spawning in well lit areas as well. the other passive mobs are not spawning as fast as before either. I was wondering if anything changed?
  2. Just to rule out the obvious: what does /entc tell you? Is it possible that the maximum amount has been reached (whichI think could also influence this)?
  3. no, its well under the 250, and my farm kills every thing but horses automatically every 3 minutes:)
  4. the montmentus rate is far up
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  5. I was stumped by EMC's changes to mob spawning too.

    It turns out that there's a density check.
    In the section about cluster sizes, I think it means that natural mob spawning stops if there are 2+ mobs within 11 blocks on x/z and 9 blocks on y from the initial spawning block for the pack of mobs to spawn off of.
    Therefore, it's best to get the mobs away from their spawning locations very quickly.
  6. The changes that i am reffering to have occurred in the last 30 days