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  1. Hey guys,
    I am looking for a Skeleton spawner and wanted to know if anyone could sell me the location of one.

    1. It has to be a skeleton spawner
    2. It can be on any server but Utopia
    3. It has to be at least 1,000m away from wild spawn piont
    4. It has to be unused and one that only you know about up to your knowledge
    5. once it is sold you are to never to use it or tell anyone else about it what so ever
    6. no cheating and no scams

    I'll pay you 1,000r once you agree to sell it to me
    Then once I know its real I'll give you another payment of 2,000r

    A total of 3,000r for it
  2. I have one. I. Used it. Don't use it anymore, hmmmmmmmm but I will not sell it for 3000r I will sell for 7000
  3. Does it fit all those rules except for the fact u have used it before?
  4. Ok, I'm going to PM you more about it.
  5. quote from
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  6. Hmmmm, sorry about that. I thought it was legal because I have seen tons of spawner sales and auctions lately.
  7. yes, this is a recent change... as ICC said they are working on the offical rule and a thread explaining why the rule is being made. There have been multiple mentions of this in the auction section. I just thought I'd point that out as neither of you seemed privy to that info. :D
  8. Can I still sell you the mob spawner :D?
  9. Instead of banning sales completely, they should design a system that defeats all the problems. As a result of these new rules, sales will still probably continue, just through pm and in private. Maybe allowing ingame auctions would be better
  10. i have one with someone else that we can let you in on for 10K.
  11. Last week i was doing some repairs on my skeleton spawner, turned around to see the kaboom of a creeper destroying it :(