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  1. I have 4 mob spawners, 2 are seperate, 2 are close enough to work at the same time. The 2 seperate ones are both zombie spawners, and the 2 that will work at the same time are normal spider spawners. Comes complete with a base and sustainable farm (crops and trees). Basic traps are in place for the spiders, and one of the zombies has a fall down trap. Feel free to ask any question. SMP6. When mining there, i have found no traces of any other people. Its hard to find but not too far away.

    starting bid: 2000r
    Bid increment: 100r
    Ends: Tuesday 8th of may, 5pm GMT

    The winner will be given the coords to the super secret entrance.
  2. its past the fourth of may. Today is the 5th.
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  3. Grinder/Spawner auctions are not allowed.
  4. Ive seen so many auctions for spawners this week? Plus ive sold some other ones.
  5. I meant the 8th :)
  6. darn i wish i had that many rupees
  7. Well, this is just past the deadline and there is nothing controversial about this sale so I am willing to continue the auction until a moderator or higher asks me to remove this.
  8. Thread started: 6 minutes ago
    Deadline: 6 days ago
  9. Before i posted this, I read the no.1 pinned thread on the auctions. It stated that any rare or hard to obtain item or anything not found in the emc store could be sold.
  10. As stated above, auctions (or the sale of) spawners/coordinates aren't allowed. Still writing up the reasoning behind these decisions. What is allowed, is selling your services to others in the market place to build a functional spawn trap around a spawner they found (untouched, not someone elses). :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.