>> Mob Spawner Co-Ords For Sale! <<

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  1. Hi,

    Im Selling A Skeleton Spawner!
    Images Of It:

    Please Make Offers No Set Price! I Will PM Winner Of It!
    I Will PM The Co-ords And The Server So People Dont Track Me I Will Be In Town On SMP3!
    It Can Be On Any Server* The Mob Spawner Even SMP3

    *Excludes Utopia
    Disclaimer: I Nfell2009 Is Not To Be Held Responsible For Grief Or Other Use Of The Spawner Im Giving You The Co-Ords In Exchange For Money I Will Not Resell The Co-ords Or Give Them Away To Other Users From Minecraft
  2. the spawner has to be untouched. sorry. its against the rules otherwise
  3. I believe that you can sell premade ones as long as it is clear that you are the only one there.
  4. Also, the OP is missing the link to the spawner selling rules
  5. its not touched i just dug out the space round it ready for the people the pics are exactly how it is

  6. is it me or does it look like he has a Hacked client on (the mob spawner is bright red...)?
  7. I am guessing it is his texture pack....
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  8. but compared to the rest of the texture pack its a very very thin line (its a 16x16 (or 32x32) pack with like a super thin line around the edge)
  9. yeah its part of my texture pack see i dont own my laptop its my bros and its still same client just different texture pack i dont know what its called the pack
  10. oh, ok well I'm still a bit fishy but it probably is your texturepack :3
  11. it is honestly i really dont own my laptop getting one soon though :D
  12. and i forgot to mention that i havnt got a hack or anything but any block i go other it goes red so that i know im on that that im looking at its part of my texture pack most dont do this as they stay grey round the block or what eva colour it is
  13. You mean it shows the target block? That's actually kind of cool. You should make sure it's not a Mod. If it's a Mod, you should run it through the Mod Forum and make sure it passes.
  14. nah its not a mod never touched my minecraft.jar only texture packs :)
  15. true its only so that when the person who buys it arrives they dont have to deal with sorting it out and blocking it up as i have done it for them
  16. 5k At The Moment Any One Else!
  17. Hmmm im pretty sure u cant auction these...
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Not open for further replies.