Mob heads

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  1. Why don't other mobs besides the wither drop heads? IDE love to be able to make a trophy room full of heads
  2. Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons do.
  3. No mob heads drop except withers.
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  4. Really? Did they disable the others on the Empire?
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  6. As wolves said, the other heads are only available in creative mode.
  7. Oh ok, I was unaware of this.
  8. i would love to tell you that isnt true. and guess what? ITS NOT!

    i used a " overpowered " athame on Feed The Beast. it has EVERY enchantment possible, but even with looting X its possible to get them.

    its hard to get them yes, but its possible.
  9. That is on FTB. Impossible to get them on vanilla minecraft though. Heads only available in creative. ;)
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