Mob Drop Shop, 18617, smp9

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  1. MrColt45's
    Mob Drop Shop
    18617, smp9


    Huge stock, great prices! Featuring all the best drops: Slime Balls, Gunpowder, Blaze Rods, Gold Nuggets, Iron Ingots, Black Dye, Raw Meats, Leather, Arrows, Bones, String, and more. Signs set for small sales as well as "by the stack".

    Please be patient if buying more then a DC due to hopper feed system. Most items stocked with 10 DCs available.

    Seller's floor located up top buying raw meats, leather and ghast tears.

    Happy Shopping!
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  2. This is like a genius idea! Really love the layout :)
  3. I bought gold from here a few weeks ago ;) buy from here! Always in stock!
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  4. This shop has EVERYTHING mob related, its basically a one stop shop for all mob drops. Prices are fair and its always in stock :)
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  5. Loving the shop man! Doing a great job, only shop with amazing prices and always in stock of Inc Saks :D Keep it up guys! :D
  6. Yep love the shop! Look great and great prices! :D
  7. On request we have added signs enabling shoppers to buy by the Single Chest (SC). These signs have been added to two chests, thus giving you the ability to grab two full DCs without waiting on the hopper feed system!

    Before you make any large purchases on mob drops elsewhere or at auction, check us out.

    Mob Drop Shop, 18617, smp9
  8. Bone is a hot commodity right now with all the new plants and wood. We have 10 DCs available at the a Mob Drop Shop and plenty more in storage. Prices have remained the same, cheap! Come get some bone. :)

    Mob Drop Shop, 18617, smp9
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  9. Blaze Rods now priced for bulk sale at 2.5k/SC!

    Black Dye reduced to 5r each, available in quantity with 10+ DCs in stock!

    Mob Drop Shop, 18617, smp9
  10. Great shop, blaze rods are great deal and great fuel :D