Mob Arenas

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  1. I have been on smp servers for a while now and im starting to find it kind of boring. I think you guys should maybe add a mobarena on every server. one where u start out with leatherarmor and the more you level up (with exp orbs) the better the gear you get, or perhaps they could earn point to buy better gear at a mob arena shop or something.
  2. The way mob arena is run at the moment brings the community together since they're only on at certain times. I like it the way it is. :)
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  3. Besides, if it was accessible every 24/7 and on every server, it wouldn't be as special. I'd suggest sticking around for Dragon Tombs though - they might be coming soon. ;)
  4. Well I just want a mob arena where I can get on at anytime and play in the mob arena.
  5. Great idea! And how about the higher your level is, the harder the enemy you fight! All the way up to the wither!
  6. At this time, this is not possible. We do plan on having a Mob Arena world, along with a few other minigames in the future that will all be automated (This will obviously take a lot of time, and probably be after dragon tombs).

    Currently, we run Mob Arena's every Monday/Wednesday.
  7. on wat server
  8. Use reply when trying to respond to people.
    and I believe our mob arena is on SMP5