[Mob Arena] Suggestions v2 & Vote

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Which Days For Events? (Tues/Thurs/Sat)

Mob Arena/FireFloor/Mob Arena 11 vote(s) 42.3%
FireFloor/Mob Arena/FireFloor 8 vote(s) 30.8%
Mob Arena/Mob Arena/FireFloor 5 vote(s) 19.2%
Other (Specify In Thread) 2 vote(s) 7.7%

  1. Hey all :)

    As most of you might know, I host a Mob Arena every Tuesday & Thursday.
    (Details here)
    But to keep it fresh, I feel I need to introduce new ideas often to make it interesting.
    So, I turn to you, the community to suggest some ideas for rounds that you think should be added.
    If I think it's good enough, then the idea will be used and you will be credited in the main thread.

    Thank You :)


    As you can see in the original thread, a lot of the ideas suggested back then were not possible due to myself only being Moderator. Now, with some of the new powers at my disposal I think I can consider the suggestions a lot more. So, if you might have suggested anything last time around, please repost here :)

    Also, as you might be aware, I'm now hosting FireFloor also, so I'm putting out a vote (hence the new thread) about the days that people would prefer these be hosted. The idea I'm having is that these would be Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays, but not sure on which events for which days, so make sure to vote above.

  2. Maybe give vault vouchers for the no item round winners? So there will actually be a prize... I remember they use to do that.
  3. I would encourage building off of other's ideas, rather then criticizing them. Rainbowchin is more than capable of picking through the reasonable ones, and it is highly negative for that player that might suggest something :)
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  4. maybe, have the mob arena in a more challanging area, instead of a plane open floor, why not do it where there are obsticles, like the pvp area? and fight in teams that are even to each other. Then you could have them fight each other aswell as the mobs to make it more challeging and more fun. anyone like this idea?

    P.S. sorry just woke up, and bad at the sentances atm haha.,

  5. hmm, they did use to be given out for the old Mob Arenas, I'll have to see why it was stopped.
    -Obstacles are a decent idea, could change things up a bit.
    -As for teams, we don't quite have the capability for teams to pull it off, so it would be up to each side to ensure they don't hurt each other, and PvP would be for the Arena on smp6 only.
  6. Well, if you make them all into a group chat then change the colored name for that time they could be teamed and not be able to hurt each other :)
  7. Probably more involved than it sounds, while we have the vanilla commands, it would be tricky to over-rule the coloured names we have in place already.


    Also, the vote is currently leaning towards Mob Arena/FireFloor/Mob Arena, so tomorrow's even will certainly be Mob Arena.
  8. One last bump before tomorrow's event, looking to be FireFloor