Mob activation range in the wild too short?

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  1. Hey,

    So my understanding is that the activation distance for mobs in the wild is 32.

    My testing shows this more like 24-27. Is that expected or could this be a bug?

    It's pretty easy to test. I have a flat area where slimes spawn. When I move one block away they freeze (sometimes almost mid jump). When I move one block closer they start moving again.

    Maybe I just misunderstand how the distance is calculated. I dunno.

  2. Activation range should be 64 block radius in a square shape. Outside of 32 they freeze but are still there.
  3. Oh, I thought activation and moving/freezing were the same thing. Is activation more like a hostile mob going aggro?

    The slimes don't move at all when I'm beyond a certain distance. They spawn in and don't move, or they stop moving (freeze.) The distance isn't always the same. They aren't despawning. They just stop jumping even though I'm about a chunk and a half away.
  4. I think activation range would be how far from you something will spawn. In a normal SP game mobs would spawn 128 away from you without freezing. On EMC it's 32 to help with lagging, etc. This is why some farms need to use a method to move the mobs to where they need them when they spawn outside of the 32 block range.
  5. Ok, so turns out the slimes aren't completely frozen. They just freeze in place for a long while, maybe 20s or longer, before jumping again.
  6. monster activation range is 18 in wild, been that way for a long time.

    meaning outside of 18 they will move slow, but things like getting in water etc will return them to normal.
  7. Two quick relevant questions.

    Will mobs within this range be affected by pistons, and is it 18 blocks in X, Y, and Z?
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  9. Thanks for the info! This matches what I was seeing. I had thought the mobs were frozen, but by waiting longer I confirmed that they are just really sluggish.
  10. So, from what aikar said and the wiki, would we assume?:

    If a mob is less than 19 blocks in your X or Z and at any Y position, they will move at full speed.

    If a mob is 19-32 blocks in your X or Z and at any Y position, they will move at a slow speed.

    If a mob is 33 or more blocks in your X or Z and at any Y position, they will not move on their own.

    Is this correct Aikar?
  11. When do mobs move towards you? When < 19 blocks away or < 32?
  12. 16 is where they get aggressive, thats why its at 18, and even if it was lower, all it would do is make it take up to 1 second longer before they attack, and then once they attack they are immune to EAR.
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  13. Man - *puts away Sword of Ears. No wonder why I keep dying.

    The range does make some farms in Vanilla impossible - but it does help balance the world load.
  14. Aikar, what distance do they freeze all together? 32? Does Y still count on emc?