[MLP Game] Legends of Equestia

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  1. Hey Empire! :D

    For those of you who don't know, Legends of Equestria is an MMO My Little Pony game. It's still in development but it's already come really far n.n
    This weekend they're having an open server weekend (up until 20th April) and I was wondering if anyone wants to play on it with me? It gets kinda lonely :p

    My pony is called Raven and my username is Alice~
    She looks like this:

    If you register can you tell me and maybe we can meet up and do some quests! :D
  2. Where have all the bronies here gone? :c
  3. What is an open server weekend?
  4. (Can't quote, sorry)
    The Legends of Equestria servers are closed most of the time since it's still in development but sometimes they will open the servers for the public for a weekend. Making it an open server weekend. After the weekend, the servers will close again
  5. Oh boy, i'm glad i checked EMC today :D

    I'll look into it and see what it's about
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  6. Didn't realize the game had gotten this far already. I'm now wondering how long it will take before Hasbro sends them a C&D as well.
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