Missing Pengwuin

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    • He be muh homie
    • Gets all of them ladies
    • Give em back...I finna cry
    • Coolest homie in existence
    • He is my boi
    • Chill as heck
    • If I find you I am feed you uncooked fishes
  1. Ahahah lol aww
  2. He missing :(
  3. I checked under my bed, but all I could find was a sock and one very angry spider. Sorry about your loss bro. :(
  4. Loll "one angry spider", I just had to lol at that for some reason because I pictured a spider yelling "my bed!"
  5. is this him?
  6. looks a bit like him but I don't think it is :(
  7. Thats not him :(
  8. You never know he might of lost weight and changed cloths.
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  9. He doesnt loose any pounds he eats uncooked fishes all day
  10. i looked in antartica he lost some feathers but i found him!
  11. penguin.jpg

    Case Closed! I killed him!! Take me in ;)
  12. You can't ask for likes. Tear it down ASAP please :)
  13. He is in a cage at 4004, in the undeground labs. If you ever want him to see the light of day again, pay the ransom.
  14. off topic but ok... i really dont care my gay txt doesint even work
  15. k good boy :p