Missing Horse! Reward: Eggecellent Wand

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  1. Ok, so two weeks ago, I left Slowpoke at haviox's fourth res. He never returned home. Whoever finds him please let me know! The finder will be rewarded a eggcellent wand. His home is suppose to be pointcrafter's res, but he's not there. Please help me reunite with my favorite/most prized horse.
    Speed: 49
    Color: Brown
    Armor: Golden
    Name: Slowpoke
  2. I will try
  3. thank you soo much!
  4. I'll keep a eye out for him :)
  5. i appreciate it
  6. I tried telling you before you disconnected. Make sure to check ALL res' where you have ownership OR admin on. The horse is most likely on one of them.
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  7. just did, hes nowhere to be found, unless he's on enderslayerjohn's res but he is banned so i cant check
  8. Sometimes it can take a while for a horse to re-appear. This reminds me of helping someone else out find their horse; we spend 10 minutes looking (approx.) and after that the horse turned up on their residence. I'll check the area myself later on to see if I can come up with some clues.

    Just wondering: how long are your regular online sessions? And have you spend more time on the same server as where you lost the horse? Because you mention another player's residence I also wonder if you have any residences yourself there.

    Alas; I'll do some investigating later on in-game.
  9. its been two weeks, and we are neighbors, reg online sessions are like 2 hours. my main server is smp9, the one we are both on and the one my horse was lost on
  10. Bump for a good cause
  11. bump, please join the search team, its been way more than 24 hours, so this is my missing horse report
  12. How do you get a 49% speed horse?! Also, I'll be looking for him.
  13. Thanks, and i have no clue, but he's my most prized horse, because i look for low speeds, not fast speeds
  14. Respectable if your connection is slow :p
  15. Some possible bad news: We had a horse go missing a few weeks ago, and b4dmans1mon helped us look. He said that there's a glitch that teleports them to what amounts to the sewers of EMC, and he had no luck finding it. The res had five horses on it, belonging to five different people, and in the end, only one remained. The others were lost.
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  16. And now I'm scared as heck!:eek: But still, if I see that horse anywhere I'll tell you immedietly PlasmaBanana