Missing/dissapearing blocks?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    Since couple of days ago Im facing a weird thing of dissapearing blocks on my residence :confused:. As for now, seems to happen when I log out on night and log back after Iv got my sleep.
    What is this? And how to deal with that besides replacing and replacing? As Im going to set up shop there, could it cause chests to dissapear as well? :eek:


    A day without issues and... again:

  2. Umm i got no idea what causing this, do anybody else has flags in your residence?
  3. Anyone with perms?
  4. Does anyone else have perms for your res?
  5. The lighting glitch looks like the blocks are infact still there, or could you place new ones right in the space again?
    If you log out and back in, are they still missing?
    Is it always the same blocks, or different ones each time?

    Alot of people have jumped to perms, but if someone removed the blocks, the water wouldnt be floating like it is.

    Edit: Infact that water doesn't seem to make any sence in my head anyway :s
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  6. I wouldnt started thread if I have doubts of people having perms on my res. Its not the issue of somebody using given perms or trying to prank me.

    Lighting glitch dissapeared within some minutes of staying there and yes, the only way I was able to solve it-by replacing new ones. Yes, it stays missing whatever I have tried to do... to teleport to somewhere else, log out and back. Nothing of that helps. Different ones each times, but across the same area.

    Water is floating like this because of waterflow flag.
  7. Ahhh.

    I dont know what could be wrong then.
    It could be possible that when your residence was last reset before you claimed it, it got a gitch. It happens most commonly with torches, you can sometimes find magic light sources in the dirt with no torches, from the previous owner.

    Maybe Max or Aikar will have a magic command to fix it.
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  8. That would explain why my storage at 1254 is completely lit up even though there's no exposed light source.
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  9. That would be amazing if so, or Im getting kinda scared to log out the game lol
  10. Send this to a staff member :)
  11. /res set firespread false

    Should fix the problem. Only wood seems to be disappearing. I am guessing there is lava or fire close by. Setting that perm will fix your issue.
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  12. whatever the issue is, I assure you that it has nothing to do with you logging in and out. What is causing it, I dont' know.
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  13. Hmm, yes there is lava in walkways, but its all covered under the glass. Or it can get to wood even that way?? :confused:
    Going to put flag, lets see. Thank you!
  14. If the lava is under the glass in the picture then yes, I believe sparks can fly out through the glass.

    Your extremely lucky to still have a shop at all :p
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  15. It is only disapearing for you apparently cuase I just visited to see if it was affecting anyone else and everything seemed to be in place from my screen unless it takes some time to remove itself or you fixed it
  16. Phewwww... all these worries and troubles just because of lava.....

    Im glad I posted this out. Thank you guys for taking part in solving it! :)
  17. So has it stopped since taking care of the lava?

    I couldnt really think of anything that would be causing this on our side

    As for the lighting... Theres a setting I turned off that controls the random light 'fixing'. Light updates can cause some lag, and I had heard reports that having it on with one of the newer features in Spigot caused issues so I ensured it was off everywhere...

    I may turn it back on and measure impact though cause not having the light updates is quite annoying, as long as it doesnt cause problems that is...
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  18. lava is; well, odd. i made a wood pillar with a cup of obsidian at the top and put lava in it. in under 15 seconds, the logs were gone.
  19. As a general rule, wood blocks should be placed over 3 blocks away from lava else they WILL catch fire eventually.
    Even if there is glass separating it. Glass is a transparent block, just as you cant suffercate in glass, other stuff can pass through it now and then.

    Also, if you have particles turned down, minimal, or off. You wouldn't see the lava spitting sparks out. If the sparks land on or near wood, the wood will catch on fire.
    Hense the 3 block rule.
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  20. Would need a day or two to be absolute sure it was lava causing that, but as for now, it seems to be reasonable explanation.