Missed Ingame Messages?

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  1. Already exists**
    If you've ever missed an in-game message then this suggestion is for you! I am proposing the ability to do "/mlog" or a similar command to view the last 5-10 in-game messages received. I usually miss in-game messages due to being Afk on purpose or, I accidentally forget i have the game open and wonder off from my pc.

    Long Story Short: A way to view missed in-game messages.

    edit: To clarify, in-game message refers to /pm, /w, /tell, @<user> commands!
  2. Like messages from /w?
    If so, +1
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  3. Yes like /w, so even "/wlog" or some appropriate command, "/msglog? " :D
  4. this exists in /pmlog doesnt it?
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  5. What does /w do? Never heard of that command... :p

    Does /pmlog maybe do what you are wishing? It's specific per smp, and goes back I believe 24 hours. :)
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  6. Oh wow it does exist! Sorry guys
    Mod can you close the suggestion :D
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.