Misc Updates 5/17/14

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, May 17, 2014.

  1. Misc Updates just went out

    • Reduced rate group mining/attacking token rewards are given out. Was way too often
    • Fixed Death Message bug in PvP arenas.
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  2. Good improvements we have here :D.
  3. What was the death message bug?
  4. most people would see a blank line.
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  5. How do you get tokens from mining?
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  6. Mining in groups gives you tokens
  7. When you are in an active group of 3 or more, mining and fighting will occasionally give tokens.
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  8. Forgot another detail in this update! MinecraftServers.org vote bonus has been increased to 300 to match TopG, in effort to replace the other sites we removed from the list.
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  9. Cool