Misc Updates - 2/19/14

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  1. Misc changes not worthy of entire thread.

    1. Website registration is now forced after being on the Empire for 5 days
      - Hoping this will encourage more to participate on the site
      - Will undo this if it hurts retention though
    2. Clicking on 1 Slot purchase sign then clicking on a different sign of the same item no longer buys it, and prompts for a new confirmation
    3. Horse flag will now properly prevent horses on a Residence
    4. Residence Permission Errors will no longer spam you
  2. 2/19/14***

    unless you are aikar from the future ;p
  3. ugh... its late, ready to go to bed!
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  4. Lol. nice.. I've begun pointing new players to two forum pages in particular. The livemap, and the wiki. They go solent for like an hour after that, so they must be reading :)

    I'll PM you something related Aikar.
  5. So what if players don't register on the website after 5 days. Like lets say they have already been on for a month without getting one? :O
  6. they are automatically put into the /register process upon login and are unable to play until they do so.
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