Misc Updates 2/14/14

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  1. Misc Updates:
    • admin flag now lets you control residence tags
    • Fixed using Res Locations on RTS signs
    • "Feature Signs" can now be activated by entering nether portals (RTS)
    • You may now copy one players flags onto another player so they get all the same flags

      /res pcopy copyFrom copyTo
    • Fireworks now drop from droppers instead of fire.
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  2. Just the right command we needed for alts! :p
    Once again, amazing work from Aikar!

    Thank you
  3. Good... Now it won't be too hard.
  4. Awesome! great updates. Thanks
  5. One extremely useful thing, you can now use pcopy as a temporary measure for templates until we add official template support!

    For example:
    /res pset my_template build,use,container,redstone t
    /res pcopy my_template user
  6. Wow, this makes the old days look so... Old and slow. :p
  7. Thanks again Aikar for another epic update keep me comin :D
  8. Great! :D Another one of the much wanted features for flags.
  9. Yay! :D Just,... yay!
  10. Just a question, from behaviour it appears that nether portals now only work if a Feature sign is below them (no more default /town), and will also only teleport you at all if you are enter the portal directly above a featured sign and remain there. meaning multiple signs are needed to have the whole portal base work for anything, and correct location chosen upon entry.

    Is there a way to either set a single Feature sign for entire obsidian frame, or speed up the amount of time it take for the portal to decide you are stood within it (this process being instantaneous in single player/end portals (I need to check natural end portals, spawned end portals now appear to be broken (no more /town teleporting))) ?
  11. Interesting.. I swore that I did test both sides of the portal working!

    As for the delay, cant, bukkit doesnt fire event until it WOULD have changed the location.

    Also, I removed the default town since it was kind of pointless and would of vastly complicated the logic.

    But you should also be able to put the sign UNDER the obsidian too now.
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