Misc Changes 2/26/14

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  1. Just pushed out a few bug fixes/changes

    • PvP Death temporarily reverted to put your head in your own inventory again to control who gets your head. I am in the middle of adding a config option to control this so when the config option is finished, it will be changed back to killer receiving it and then you can change the config option to disable that.
    • Buffs/itemuse flag now affects residence owner/admins
    • Color on chat messages will no longer be white on next line
    • Links are clickable again
    • Names are hilighted in red again
    • Moderators no longer receive "The Tingle" for every message they send to Moderator Chat.
      (Yeah.... due to cross-server mod chat it lost the ability to determine who the sender was so it hi-lighted your own messages! fixed the logic on determining sender now)
  2. not gonna miss that tingle :p
  3. Yay! Finally we have colors in the next line!
    Thanks Aikar!
  4. I think that will mean I won't get my own heads anymore then.
  5. Yay, links work now! :D
  6. I don't know why, but I pictured Aikar making a "Tingle" mob that dances on screen whenever you get a pm.. xD
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  7. I can unmute minecraft once more. =)
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  8. Aww.. that means I have to go back into the wild to my decapitation machine.. :oops:
  9. Aikar can you fix this tab thing. when doing a command, for example /r pay "name" if you do someones first letter of their name and press tab it doesn't work but works when not using commands
  10. When the rupee commands are moved over to the new command system, this'll be fixed.

    It might take a while though.

  11. Minecraft Assist Trophy?
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  12. I think you are confused, this means if you die in PvP, YOU get your head when it drops, previously it was changed so the killer always gets it on direct kills.

    So now you can farm your head in PvP.

    I am working on a config option to change this behavior on a per player basis.
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  13. Thanks, a couple day ago when I saw people collecting player heads in PVP (others heads, not their own), it was enough for me not to play it anymore. When we get our own heads, and there is no chance for other players to obtain my head, I will be back for sure!

    I have met a few really cool people in the PVP arena, that I probably would have never met otherwise, so thanks for your work setting this up for us all to have a break and have fun!
  14. I get no more heads... :(