Minner's 1.5 Redstone House!

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  1. So, since it's getting close to the update I guess I'll release my planned house :D

    So, 1.5 is all about Redstone? Well why not make a fully automatic house. I'm talking bout:

    -Lights that only come on in the day/night
    -Fridge! But not the lame old button one
    -Automatic light switch (one button to rule them all!)
    -secret levels/buttons to rise tables and chairs (different combinations)
    -control room with automatic override privileges
    -and much more!!!

    So ill be posting screenshots of it later but I claim TO BE EMC'S MAKER OF THE FIRST SMART HOUSE!!


    -Redstone Genius
    -Wood Donators or people directing me to go shops with wood

    Please don't copy my idea thanks :)

    First Day:
    Note, On the building There are no decorations at the moment but will be later
    Also, there is a pic that looks like I am flying. of course, I am not flying and I am Standing on a 1 by 1 pillar and shifting over it so you can't see it!
    The Front! Remember: No details at the moment!
    Top View! Note: Shadow is building I will get rid of later on 2013-04-04_19.29.49.png
    Inside! Main living room and 2 off spring rooms (storage and Kitchen/Work-Place)
    Dang, Its Dark in here!
    Whats this in one of the fountains???
    Secret Switch to turn on lights!
    Hoppers for when Im on the go and cant sort stuff
    Throw all the stuff I dont need in the Random chest that I will later go and get the items and sort the items when I have time

    The Photos are in the third one I have no clue why it made 3
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  2. I just want to see the fridge... Lol.
  3. This sounds epic! Smart houses!
  4. "I claim to be the first owner of the smart house on EMC!" You claimed too late -_-...
  5. Just kidding :D. but seriously >.>
  6. What?!? Did someone else make one??
    Yep! That's what it is!
    My plan...secret lever subtracts pistons with item frames behind or above buttons.. Press the button and YOU HAVE FOOD!!
  7. All I need at the moment is materials, I would let you help but I'm kinda building as I go... You could PM me Redstone ideas!
  8. not really, i already made one :p
  9. i have tons of creations for it
    i can make u a 12-digit extremely compact combo lock. to see it, go to 18871 and go to "secure login" teleporter.
  10. Oh ok, Dang i was close XD but Im going to make it with all the new features too!
  11. I checked out your house, its not really smart besides the lock thing but the lock thing is COOOL!
  12. When I saw the title, I thought you were going to make a house out of blocks of Redstone. Guess I was wrong. :p
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  13. So, not really a "secret" lever...

    not anymore, atleast
  14. Naw I was just kiddin
  15. Haven't made the house yet so u still don't know :)
  16. Stacks of Redstone ore and glow stone collected today :)
  17. Bumpy bumpy for interest
  18. BUMP! And also, I need help building and I need wood!! I've finished the basic shape of the house but no detail at the moment. So I need someone that is good at design and REALLY good at Redstone. I'm good at Redstone but i need help now and then :)
  19. Post pics!
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