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  1. I was just wondering if it was possible to go mining in the frontier?
  2. The /frontier is not for mining. That is what the /waste is for.
  3. You can go directly to a certain part also with /waste n, /waste s for example. Even though I live way out in the wild, I still choose to get most of my materials from /waste, it's one of the very cool features we have in EMC as it gives you an infinite supply of raw materials without messing up someone's land.

    If you don't find something in your smps waste you can try the 8 others also /smp1, /smp2... and then /vault your items over.
  4. Ok thanks guys!
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  5. Just to add to this (they're right of course; you shouldn't mine there, but there's also a reason for that..).

    The reason for this is because the Frontier is a static world. What gets build there stays there, even with the once coming upgrade to 1.8. The wasteland on the other hand was designed with the idea for mining; so it gets reset every once in a while (to make sure that ores remain available).

    That's why mining should be done in the waste and not the frontier.
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  6. Thanks! That makes sense.