Mining trip

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  1. I haven't gone mining in 8 months so I went today (for an hour) and this is what I found

    this was my luckiest mining trip ever

    I found the diamonds while strip mining and exploring intersecting caves
  2. Holy mother of mothers o.o
    Who has the patience to mine all that coal xD
  3. 50 diamond ore O.O
  4. me
  5. I was there!!! omg i was so jelly...
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  6. haha i only got 20 diamond, but i beat you on coal, over 8 stacks ^-^
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  7. Time to bust some ores?
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  8. I only got 20 diamonds…. and 8 stacks of coal… I'm still out mining but they both ditched me…
  9. I broke my ore buster a while back but it came back because of an invalid use :p it's on display not now* (corrected 3/21/2015)

    I don't have any more ore busters to use anymore
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  10. haha yea we did XD

  11. Well why not buy one at 8557 for 99k? :p
  12. no i just went back to the town to vault items and then i spent some time making this thread lol
    the mine is really close to the spawn haha
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  13. somebody offered me 50k for an unused ore buster so i can contact them
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  14. Who?
  15. Why would he share that?
  16. i forgot who it was
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  17. have fun contacting them then XD
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  18. Haha I've been look at this face to face for like an hour now xD
  19. 50 diamonds ores + ore buster=
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