Mining Party

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  1. Hey guys, so I decided to host a mining party at my outpost. The Party will begin at 5 PM Next Sunday EMC Time on smp5. If you don't know how to get to the outpost no worries everyone is going to meet at /wild south and I will lead from there :).I will ask one thing please don't mess with any builds or farms that are at my outpost.Everyone is welcome to come ;)Here are somethings I would recommend bringing:
    Fire Resist Potions (there will be lava):p
    Healing II

    If you forget any of these I maybe able to supply them
    If you have any questions post them down below or PM me in-game or on the forums
    Hope to see you there:cool:
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  2. Awesome! I'll be there! :)
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  3. aww... to late for me :/ maybe next time :)
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  4. I will try to come :)
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  5. Next weekend??

    I'll see :)

    Because it be a blast yar har ;)
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  6. Bump..... I hate to say this but I may have to push this back some until I can get my router working properly :( It will still be on for Sunday but if I don't get it fixed by then I might have to push it back
  7. Bump
    I will have to try it some time ;) Also if I cannot get on by tomorrow the date of this will be changed so please feel free to post when you guys can get on ;)
  8. But change of plans...I'm not completely sure if I'll be able to come :( can you give me a specific time?
  9. It's gonna be tomorrow at 5PM but if I can't get on I will put it on this forums saying I won't be able to come and make a new date
  10. The party will be postponed to a later date (1-2 weeks) until I can get everything working again I will set up another forum page srry about everything guys