Friday night Mining!

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  1. This is a event for Friday Night mining!
    This friday of course!

    Hey everyone this will be FNM post helping out the moderators and staff when they aren't available. Since they are this is just a advertisement. We mined over in smp9 North-east. Smp2 is the correct area according to this post

    Time to attend
    8:00 pm EMC time

    What to Bring
    Your wits

    All rules apply when mining in the wasteland at FNM
    (No one is liable for your items being lost due to a creeper so don't complain)

    Hey hope you all attend and we can have a fun time :)
    Also join us in the FNM community chat in Mumble when we start, it makes it interesting :p
    This post is just a advertisement please look at the link sent on top.
  2. I have a pvp event to go to, srry.
  3. Remember that this goes on a lot longer than a pvp fight we went for 4 hours last time.
  4. I'll be there....hopefuly that means 5:30 pm CA time
    Can people go out and remind people friday night miners at 7:30pm EMC time? So nobody is late?
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  5. Sounds like a great idea!
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  6. Yes that is in 5:30pm west coast time. I'll remind it in 2 hours before time. This is just a post to make sure people know of this event. You can help out by sending out this link on servers as well :)
    (This doesn't mean spam it over a half hour time period.)
  7. Tell your friends! I would love some more players to join :)