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Would you join a Mining group that we go to a SMP to mine like FNM almost every week?

Sure! It sounds like we all can benefit from the numbers. 3 vote(s) 50.0%
No, I think it's stupid. I'd rather live on other peoples resources in shops. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I'll drink my mtn dew and eat Doritos noscoping scrubs. 3 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Hello everyone! I think that it was very successful last night mining. I really want to have the chance of pulling that kind of group into mining almost every week. It doesn't mean that we are boycotting Friday night mining, my thoughts are that we should have a active group of miners who like to help each other. We will be on mumble just making jokes, mining, and creating stuff. Any thoughts about this or wanting to join?
  2. i dont really like mountain dew, but how else are going to get the MLGness to be able to str8 rekt scrubs 4 dayz m8? Give me some mtn dew and some doritos and lets go rek sum scrubs #360 noscope
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  3. 200.gif

    But seriously lol
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  4. i'd be delighted to mine with you :)
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  5. The problem is, I can't be on mumble :(
  6. Hey listen not a problem, when we get a whole group going, you will be added to the group chat
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  7. What's Friday Night Miners? I only know of Saturday Morning Builders... A mining event would be nice because the Empire doesn't have one yet.
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  8. This was the form post for it. As for this group, it will be not as large but controlled because we wont be as crowded. This group is just in the thrill for resources and just to have fun which is a part of the rules ;)
  9. Ill come if its on smp7, thats where most of my stuff is.
  10. We will decide as a whole on where we all should mine.
  11. Oh, I know. :p

    If you're on Mumble, people often joke about how some people don't mine - only build - and it's in the morning for the Europeans. Thus, SMB was born.
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  12. Oh yes lol I noticed that. There were half builders and half miners Friday night mining but it was still very successful. Kinda why I want to create a group in the first place.
  13. But again, I think it's important to get this word out that there is a group for active players who want to mine and have fun with others. I don't think us 3 people agree that it would be fun.
  14. Alright who accepted, I will message you tomorrow on where we are mining
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  15. Mining group at SMP7! We will be located in wasteland south outpost at cords:

    z: 2038

    Anyone is liable for joining us at 12:30 Mountain time!