Mining For Charity

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  1. Hosted by AntVenom, The mining for charity even is a live event live streamed on twitch with a group of members playing minecraft to raise money for a cure for a diesease. You can just donate $3 or enjoy as these minecraft ers play continuous mini games.
    Hope you guys will go and watch ;)
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  2. minecrafters*
  3. It's 12 in the morning in England, so naw, I can't watch it. I've done enough for charity today :p (My dad dumped a bucket of ice and water on my head for ALS awareness. It was really cold and made my hair cover my eyes completely. I also made the mistake of letting it go greasy for a little bit because, y'know, healthier hair and stuff and it made my face itch.)
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  4. Has anybody been watching for a bit or has anybody donated?
    It's all for a good cause ;)