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  1. I cant find any Mini Bosses including Momentuses, Marlixs, Blizz Ards, Super Turkeys, Engraged Skeletons, Engraged Zombies, and Engraged Creepers. Yet the signs appear saying cold presents, Gobbling, and something else says that they are only one chunk away, but I cant find anyone of them. I think we need to add a compass on right click will appear a menu that will let people choose a EMC custom mob, and the arrow on the compass will point in the direction of that EMC Custom Mob. Post here if you think this is a good idea.
  2. The idea of a mini boss is to find them and kill them to get a good reward.....if we add compasses then it would be too easy to find them and it wouldn't be a "hunt" for them. So, -1 for me I'm sorry.
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  3. The way the spawns work, that wouldn't really be easy and would be OP.

    If you are only 1 chunk away in the message, then try looking around in holes, etc in the area. It takes some skill to hunt the mobs, but their drops are worth it.
  4. Compasses already can be used to point the way towards your last death location. This seems like a good option to add to Compass functionality.

    A compass would look so much nicer than the messages we have now. Also, the current messages that pop up every so often that you can't scroll back to are cumbersome to work with especially when there are more than one mob generating them.
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  5. Thx everyone for your comments :D
    Well maybe we could make the compass would work only from a large distance and point on the chunk where the EMC custom Mob is.
  6. Well, there used to be the option of full functionality on Voxelmap that would allow you to view all mobs on a mini-map of the area, but EMC deemed it too controversial over the ease of finding said custom mobs which thereby offered an advantage to those who actually used the mod that is approved by EMC vs. those who don't. So, the Empire has nerfed that feature on the mod and it now says "Server Disabled Radar". I find it funny that afterwards, people then complained that it was too hard to find the mobs, such as the OP and the Empire introduced the annoying messages that inundate you until you track down the custom mobs and slay them. At least enraged mobs don't do this. I personally prefer to build in the frontier and there are many in the areas around where I have been working on an outpost that I don't bother to search for, simply because I prefer to build than hunt mobs. I just ignore the messages and keep about what I am trying to accomplish.

    I do wish they would revisit the idea of allowing mobs back on the Voxelmap radar though. With all of the Player Settings options we have now for different difficulty levels, one would think there is room for a radar setting. I wouldn't even mind to have the radar available on say level 1 only whereas you would earn no real loot or reward from the mobs, and then maybe add a longer timer to switch it back. Maybe even just a custom setting that if you use the radar feature, you are by default on say PS 1 setting, and thereby subject to a longer swap between difficulty levels. I forget what it is now, say 3 or 5 minutes to change between them, they could make it 30 minutes for all I care, I would just like to have the option to view mobs around me while I am building in the wild. And yes, I know they are called creepers for a reason, but it sure is annoying to get suddenly blasted. Heh. I would like to think that when mobs are first introduced and are populating in chunks with players that the addition of a radar setting as such would not tip the scales of fairness if it were in place as mentioned above. Surely those hunting them for the sport of it would want to be on a higher level, and could most likely find them just as easy as say one that stumbled upon it via radar and then chose to wait out the extended timer.

    I think the extended timer would dissuade abuse of such a feature that could still be useful to those of us who would like to be aware of our surroundings while we work. Maybe when the new Empires update comes out at least the area you can protect will be safe from harm. But here's to making use of a once handy feature that I think could be dusted off, tweaked a bit, and re-integrated into the Empire to allow even more use of playing your way.

  7. Like Knight, I think this would be too OP. If this happened, perhaps you would have to toggle it on and off, and when its on, instead of changing your diff to 1, you can do it on whatever diff, but mob drops are reduced by 75%. -1 for me. Then, instead of this person being able to switch when they found the mob, make a 15-30 min timer, like diff changers. Overall, -1 (for now.)
  8. The easiest way I've found and almost always finds the Turkeys/Snowmen is to start above ground. (This doesn't mean they are above ground though) But its easier to start there. Walk around and wait in different spots to see the radar message. Once you are '0 chunks away' start digging down (carefully). Most times you will dig into a cave or something. Look for snow and follow it, or with a turkey you can hear it. If you dug all the way to the bedrock without finding either, then go back up and move a few blocks away and try again.
  9. Well, I think there's a very important distinction to be made here because these mobs are found in different areas.

    For example: you'll never find a Momentus or a Marlix inside a cave. So if you're out mining and a message about an eerie presence or shaking ground appears then its time to dig up and head to the surface. Preferably as close as possible to the point where you got the message.

    Momentus simply stands still, so he should be easy to find. Marlix will fly around but it will usually take some time before he starts to spread out. Even so: a good strategy is to go for high places (or make something yourself). Because Marlix is on fire he should stand out a bit.

    Also keep in mind that these mini bosses do not give out warnings like "xx chunks away"!

    Blizz and the Turkeys (sounds like a good book title ;)): The whole idea is to provide a bit of a treasure hunt. So obviously it wouldn't help to give us exact directions, it would ruin the whole game. I know it can be frustrating, I've been chasing a Blizz in the SMP2 waste for the past few days now and can't find him, but that's part of the game!

    Also: in contrary to Momentus and Marlix you will most often (not always!) find a Blizz or Super Turkey somewhere below inside a cave. So my advice would be to start on top (makes it easier to navigate) and once you get messages that they're 0 chunks away then you start digging down.

    Finally the enraged mobs... You don't find them, they will come find you ;)

    I actually mean that somewhat seriously. When mining they will manage to find you below ground, when hunting mobs they'll eventually also make their appearance. Its usually best not to go looking for these mobs but to stay around one area after which they'll eventually spawn and come after you. Thing is: if you go look for them then it might be possible that one will spawn somewhere behind you, while you were already on your way to the next area in search for mobs. Effectively missing out on some good 'enragers'.

    Finally.. Also make sure that mob spawning is actually turned on! Check your /ps settings. Spawning of mini-bosses and enraged mobs can actually be turned on or off. So if you are really having major difficulties finding them then... who knows...

    Hope this helps!
  10. My use of the "OP" was in reference to "Original Poster", not Over Powered. While some may feel that such a feature would be over-powered, I feel that if it is available for all, and there were some modifications put in place such as an extended timer for switching between difficulties, then the addition of radar capability would nice to have. Not sure what all the -1 stuff was suppose to be, I guess that is his way of like or dis-like. Reading between the lines here, because I don't even have a facebook account, but that seems to be what he is trying to suggest. Oh well, I may be the only one who found the radar nifty.
  11. Well thx guys for explaining your thoughts about this :D