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  1. Sort of like the ICC events, Mini Promos will be small, unique items that are randomly available for short periods of time, from 1 hour to 24 hours to 30 minutes. These items will not be sold in shops, of course, and will not be mentioned - you'll have to check /promo to find them! I've made some ideas here:

    Dry Ice - Ice block with a Fire Aspect enchantment.
    Durt - Dirt renamed to "Durt" (without italics).
    Snow Boots - Iron Boots that make snow trails when the user walks with them on.
    An Unknown Novel - A written book that says "The pages are too burnt to read anything.", made by "Unknown", titled "An Unknown Novel"
    Insta Tree - A sapling that automatically grows when planted. They can choose what type of sapling they want.
    Pretilled Dirt - Dirt that comes pre-tilled.
    Spear - Arrow with Knockback 1 and Sharpness 3.
  2. Sorry but I just do not like these ideas.

    Would rather have special EMC-Only items available in the /shop.
  3. These items won't be very valuable (at least, at first). Also, having them in the /shop would bring attention to them, making them not-so-secret.
  4. But doing this would make more work for the admins and delay things like Dragon tombs and such

    Also, I like having the promos being for special stuff
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  5. Well one person can just make a thread or go server to server then 100+ people know making it not very secret..
  6. This forum is made for people to comment on your ideas.
    Oh god. The spam.
  7. I think we have enough promos already to be honest. I like the rate they are coming out though. Kind of more active over new year and christmas, then a break, so on.
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  8. I like the idea but it wouldn't be in the packed times like now with so many promos going on
    But when it gets to a time like FDNY21 said, where holidays or special events aren't so close, then I can see a mini promo put to use
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  9. ↑ in promos = ↓ in special value.
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