[(MINI) MEGA MALL] Nether Mall

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  1. Well, i'm building a little mega mall... this isn't the most spacious mall, but it will be selling all items available in the game! Tis not finished yet, but will be in the summer of 2014. The Nether Mall's sister, the End Mall, will begin construction upon the completion of the Nether Mall. Now for some screenshots!

  2. cursed question marks :mad:
    watching JAWS, get the pictures to you later;)
  3. I doubt you need a year to build a small mall. Sounds awesome though!
  4. A mini mega mall...
    A MINI (meaning small) MEGA (meaning big) MALL.
    Just... confused...
  5. I would call that, A Normal Shop :)
  6. its not HUGE, like AlexChance's. But it sells all items.
  7. tis a mega mall, but tis not MEGA (mega meaning huge)
  8. Any suggestions?
  9. It's mini, it's mega, doesn't have a lot of space, but it sells everything.. I'm really confused.

    Why do people keep saying "i'm opening little/mini/small mega mall"

    Mega and mall are two different things. It's just a MALL, which can be mega (because it's huge), it's adjective to describe the mall, not a part of the term "mall". There can be no mini mega mall. Like there can be no old new castle. You can name it that way, but it isn't "old new". :rolleyes:

    Suggestion, you say? Call it a shop!
  10. Mini + Mega + Mall
    Mini and Mega cancel eachother out.
  11. It's a mall that sells EVERYTHING!!!!!!

    Is that good?
  12. May I ask, how does it take a year to build a mall? lol, I thought it only takes like 3 months tops (maybe more if it's a 'mega build' type mall)
  13. >.>
    Call it a Mart. It's not a mall, but a mart. :p
  14. WALL-mart

    ...wait...that makes no sense...