Mini Mall Buy and Sell at Smp6 13130

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  1. If you need large amounts of wood, glass, cobble, stone, wool and glass my shop is worth checking out.
    Your welcome to come check it out whether you buy or not. :)
    This is a buy sell shop
  2. People visit this shop it is awsome always in stock highly recommend visiting this if you are on smp6

    Go Silken_thread!
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  3. Thanks lightgear456
  4. I tryed to message you in game but you had chat off :(
  5. sorry bud I do that when I am real busy, I get a lot of ppl msging me at the same time at times
  6. It's ok I understand (not that I get that many messages :( )
  7. Yes, I highly recommend this shop to many as it has always been in stock when I've visited and the prices are as they should be.
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  8. When I first found your shop, I went straight to my res and put a sign saying "GREAT SHOP: 13130" in my lair.
  9. Screenshots Plz? :p
  10. His shop is food approved. :p
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