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  1. mini games like: capture the flag or team death match should we need. if you win you earn some rupees or stuff. a server that serperated where you can play those gamres or on your own server. maybe with ranks and planes, boats and vehicles.
  2. Well, they tried to implement stuff sorta like this on SMP3 with a theme park. I don't think people go to it that much though. It has roller coaster, golf course and archery range, spleef arena etc.
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  3. but this is a seperated server with much mores stuff like the airplane modes.
  4. This is an idea that already has been asked, and denied.
  5. He doesn't need to show you, the community is based on Vanilla MC, so unless this was a PvP type of this (Or Survival like Hunger Games) I do not think this would be approved.
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  6. i still want to see.
  7. There's a nice little thing called a SEARCH at the top of the screen. You type words into that and then press Enter/Return whatever your keyboard says. It then gives you threads with what you typed.
  8. Something like MineZ, or like MC-NL?
  9. Hmmm... This is a good idea, but we have this on smp3 theme park...
  10. /fun But noone (except me) goes there anymore...
  11. I still go there for fun xD
  12. Realllyy.jpg