(mini contest) what is your empire dream?

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  1. ISMOOCH started a similar thread a while ago but what is your empire dream? Be creative and it cannot be getting staff status or anything to do with rupees. My dream is to have every admin follow me. Best one gets 1k.
    EDIT: I found out the one person who has all admins following them is JabrZer0.
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  2. To finish the Zolara Sky Ctiy
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  3. To become friends with everyone on Empire! :)
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  4. I wish to put together a very large sum of gold [more than a couple dc] and hide it in the frontier at a very distant and remote location for some great adventurer to find.
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  5. My dream on the empire...
    Well, my main goal, is several.
    Make lots of friends,
    have lots of fun,
    and be creative.
    I build, I mine,
    I craft, and smelt.
    We all want precious minerals to help us in projects, but,
    others are just fine with stone tools.
    Be Colorful. Be Creative. Be YOU.
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  6. have the best drop party emc has ever seen, then make the greatest outpost emc has ever seen on smp6 and give it to a trustworthy person to rule.
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  7. Minecraft muffin mod.
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  8. To actually be able to have over 100k for a week without blowing it on enchanted books
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  9. Please. No NR likeness O_O
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  10. To Create the Biggest and the Best Mega Mall with everyone !
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  11. I have a feeling that one is going to happen ;)
  12. i would never copy that model
  13. Everyone is ruled by me. With pies. And force. And violence.
    • Have all the heads of all EMC members
    • Have more than 1 res
    • Have a giant SlipKnot symbol in my res
    • Build the best outpost in smp7
  14. I said no staff status or rupee goals.
  15. Fill an entire residence with diamond blocks.
  16. To start and finish my mega mall and to become famous for all the members of EMC to remember me by: The Awesomest Player They Have Ever Seen!!!
    • Win a mob arena or ten.
    • Truly become the beacon king, filling a DC entirely with beacons.
    • Get all the Marlix gear and bow, and a momentus toothpick.
    • Followed by all the staff.
    • To keep playing EMC! (at least five years)
  17. To build a lepercaun on my res :)