Mini Chat Update!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    For some while now, we have had some decent chat improvements in the queue to be done, and now some of them have finally been done!

    A new notification sound has been added when you receive a PM, to help get your attention to look in game if you are not!

    A new /dnd (or /chat dnd) command has been added to toggle Do Not Disturb.

    When DND, you will not receive tells, and the user will be told you wish to not be disturbed.

    A new /away (or /chat away) has also been added, for when you need to step away for a minute, it will let anyone who sends you a tell know you are not there. Away will auto engage and disengage as the system thinks you are AFK.

    Additionally, unrelated to chat, /res message default has been added to let you default the messages, even when not a supporter.

    There is more planned to improve chat, but these were a few nice ones to get out quick :) Enjoy!
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    See how stupid I look? Now, onto the real reason for this post.

    Glad to see a Do Not Disturb/Away command, I often log in then wander away from my computer, only to come back several hours later and realize I am still on. :p Good to know that I don't have to worry about people thinking I am ignoring them. :)
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  3. second omgwhyareyousomeantojackthisishisstuffyoufoolandyoujustwanttoruintheeconomyaswellhuh
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  4. Awesome! Best chat update evah

    Btw: 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. sounds awesome!:)
  6. hehehehe, I love this mini update
  7. I've kept my minecraft muted for a while, and I haven't seen the new PM thing yet. But seriously if I log on and PMs = villager talk, it's back to the mute for me lol
  8. a number: i am just happy that the PM bug was fixed.
  9. Ha. Nice :p

    This is excellent for us, as staff, as well. I do the same thing constantly. I'm sure some players think I'm ignoring them. :eek:
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  10. Thank you! I been telling you about the res message for a while now. lol loving all the new features that come to EMC. This is what makes this place the best!
  11. Also just to add when doing ./res message default
    You must add enter then leave in 2 different commands to change both the enter and leave message. Tried it out and found out.
    ./res message default enter
    ./res message default leave
  12. it just needs some word after it, there was a condition checking for 3 args.

    I have it fixed in my local code.

    You should only need it once, so /res message default foo
  13. is there a return command, say, when you do /away, can you negate the effects of that with /back?
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  14. Ha ha sounds good! Thanks!
  15. Awesome! This will really help with a lot of chat features.
  16. This is going to be good...
  17. Simply sending any command, changing selected item, interacting with anything etc will turn it off..

    so yes, /back will work :p
  18. What about changing where you look with the mouse? Same thing?
  19. I'm surprised that Aikar didn't do this ages ago! But then again he is in an alternate universes time zone (maybe i shouldn't say that to his face, he is a Admin)...

    P.S I did read the OP good commands.
  20. I did not add a check there as that event fires so much it could add some lag.

    You would have to REALLY be 'dull' to actually be playing and trigger auto afk.
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