[Mini-boss] Momentus

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  1. There's a Momentus on smp6 in the south east wastelands due south for about 200 blocks or less, if anyone wants to kill it. Though I will give you a fair warning, since they have been changed to respond quicker, they're much harder now and theres no escaping it once you get in range!
  2. Just for proof!:rolleyes: Enjoy!
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  4. Storm would kill one of these with all his pride and joy
  5. There is now 2 out there. The one in the water has taken a few hits, the one on land is undamaged. If you find a good diamond sword (sharpness V, maybe looting, I think) and diamond chest piece (Protect IV Unbreaking III, I think) under the one in the water I would be grateful for their return (yes I know they don't need to be returned)
  6. Im going to try, Ill set up a bed and a small outpost if anyone wants to come also
  7. still trying, also found a marlix! Did someone change spawn rates for Halloween?
  8. I quit trying to kill the giant earlier.:( Lost a god sword and god bow and nice armor, because you can't retrieve your stuff any way possible. If you go beneath him in the ocean sure you can get a few hits in, but he always teleports you back and kills you. When you don't use this method, momentus teleports you to him anyway and you still die! Seriously do not like how we can't snipe him from very far distances anymore. Seems like a battle against the giant is just pointless now.... Needs to be fixed. :"(
    Anyone kill that marlix ?
  9. I beat him.
    Smite IV sword (aka wat i call THE SKELETON CRUSHER)
    GOD Armour (Protect IV Unbrk III)
    And i looked for your stuff... it despawned sorry. :(
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  10. Thought they would, pity but I did know the risks in taking the gear with me.
  11. what was the specs of your armor? Cuz i had Protection IV Diamond and he still was doing 1 1/2 hearts of damages not including the other enraged guys
  12. I like to use my fists, strength 2 and notch apples. ;)
  13. Keep bed, iron blocks, and beacons in enderchest.
    Find momentus.
    Drop everything in the enderchest, take out beacons, give yourself resistance and strength.
    Fight, with no regard for how many times you are dying.
  14. uh thats okay i guess... lol... have fun with that... I had normal golden apples if you were wondering, I didn't use them but i got them from Enraged creepers <--Tippy Tip
  15. careful they are much harder now me and nick didnt know and got dragged in and died straight away :S

    But i didnt have the best Armour it was all prot 2