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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by golddigger221, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. I recently entered in a Minesplosion Giveaway thingy, and it's pretty cool! Basically you enter and you just can get minecraft stuff for free, like vinyls and plushness or tees. You can look at it here: https://offers.visit.io/promo/t/c_9.../www.gamepedia.com&xdm_c=default5334&xdm_p=1#

    Have a great day, and be sure to participate, it's pretty neat ;)
    Note: the link will give me a referral which will help give me more chances to win, thanks!
  2. Pretty cool? Why? I hate this :)
  3. It's free minecraft stuff. Who doesn't want a split-in-half creeper figure with the TNT still inside? #RevengeOnTheCreepers
    Besides what is the smiley face for :/
  4. The smiley face was to show I wasn't trying to come over aggressive :)
    I don't like it, because you need to like them, follow them, whatever to get more chance to win. That's just bragging.
  5. Or you can refer people like what I'm doing so pls let me refer you ;)
  6. I clicked it, saw it was a refer, went the unrefered one :p
  7. whenever i click get started nothing happens :(
  8. Whyyyyy xD
    does it ask if you need a email or anything
  9. no :(
  10. Den something is very messed up :/
  11. Bumbdyydydy bump :p
  12. Bump, I'm pretty sure you can still get dem goodies ;)
  13. Lol. I subbed, got my entry, and un-subbed XD
  14. Bumpy pls I need more refferral entries
  15. Please my bumpy :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.