Miners Wanted!

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  1. I am constructing a mob farm in the utopian frontier, and I need to dig out 64 full chunks. If anyone would like to help, I will share access of my gold farm with you, and you can keep anything you dig. Plus, I will provide the tools and the food. Just bring a weapon and some armor. It is on utopia, so you need to be a supporter to go there. Pm me with any interest! Thanks:)
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  2. I'm interested, when would you want someone to begin work?
  3. Whenever, I'll be on to show you the way there this evening, 6 hours or so. Sound good?
  4. My apologies but I have to retract my previous statement. I didn't realize I needed to be a supporter to go into the utopia frontier. Seeing as I'm not I won't be able to help. I'm very sorry. Best of luck to you in this project.
  5. Maybe. If I get the last of my schoolwork done today, I'll be on later with my alt account to help you out for an hour or two. :)
  6. Im at the site now if any supporters want to stop out
  7. just get a hold of me on utopia