MIners needed

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  1. 621op Mining Business Need like 3 workers
    1st worker:merzat
    2nd: sabi727
    pay is depends on how u doin
  2. I'll be 2nd worker! :p
  3. First u gotta pass the test
  4. Do we mine in caves??
  5. What test??? I bet I can do it :p
  6. it is to get 20 diamonds in 1 hour in the wild
  7. 20 diamonds in 1 hour is kinda impossible.
  8. Nothing is impossible. If you go hardcore mining for an hour you could possibly end up with 20 diamonds. Though 621op I must say quite a challenge it is :p
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  9. BWAHAHAHAH!!! No, really, good luck getting workers.
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  10. fine 10 diamonds in 60 minutes
  11. thats still a lot, prob takes 60 minutes to get out far enough to get them.
  12. ok 5 diamonds in 1 hour happy
  13. Im not even signing up :)
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  14. Something tells me you want the diamonds for yourself.
  15. 20 D in an hour is totally doable if you can hit the right area and get to below 15.
    I have been able to get many more than 20 in an hour.
  16. Hes prob gonna take the diamonds, but try if you want to prove your point. I bet your an expert miner. :)
  17. ok i will 20 diamonds in one hour then ill give them to u meincravta meet me at my res in 1 hour or just be on smp5
  18. hot rod i got 23 in 40 minutes
  19. or you bought them