Minecraft's Founders [ novel by CharlieTime ]

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  1. This is a paragraph of a story of how minecraft was created, featuring: Haastregt, TehrandomX, Anonmouz710 and me, CharlieTime!
    So this is one paragraph:
    "I only just missed another arrow, and tried to shoot whatever was shooting arrows at us. There was another arrow in the air, and it hit Teh again and Teh disappeared, dropping all her food and armour. I gasped and picked up all of Teh’s inventory, and almost got blown up by the green creature."
    hehe... this is before minecraft existed, and the four came from a town called the Empire, AKA Empire Minecraft, and the Prime minister/ruler is Aikar, Kryssy and Maxarias being second in command :p
  2. *Krysyy and Maxarias =)
  3. I will work on the story, but I need ideas, and help on information about the Empire :p
  4. "Back at the Empire, we always had contests for every month for building, and me and Anony have worked on them so hard we were experienced builders and we were as fast as the monsters making their way down the cliff, or rather falling."
    Another paragraph for kryssy XD
  5. Those are rather short paragraphs :p
  6. :p most of it is speech.. I am terrible for speech ;D want a lomger paragraph? Hehe:
    "I looked at the book at it read: ‘Long ago, four ancestors ruled the Green Island. Their names were: Notch, Steve, Marcus (Named Herobrine after the tragic accident) and the only girl, Janie. They ruled the Island with peace, until the day they met the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon, nicknamed Endie by Janie, introduce the Ender Men to the rulers, and threatened to kill all of them, and their subjects. Marcus, afraid they might kill him and his brother, Steve, set off to kill Endie. He didn’t return, and Steve led an arm to find him, and found him dead, and called him ‘Herobrine’, his middle name being ‘Brine’.’"
    it's as long as it gets :p
  7. In the book was a weird logo, it was 3D. On the logo was a sort of finger-print. Charlie touched it.

    The ground started shaking, bricks fell from the roofs, there came fireballs spitting out of the ground, all grass decayed to mycelium, but even worse: out of nowere was a guy standing, his fase couldnt be seen. It was dark outside, but it was only 2pm. Charlie and anony walked to the person, almost falling becouse of the shaking ground. And then, he was away. Anony lokked around, and saw the contours of the person flying in the air. Charlie saw him to, and tryed to climb on the roof, but then there was a voice inside her head:

    Dont... If you ever want to see tehrandom alive, go to the centre frontier and follow the south bedrock path. Search for a heart, the sign of love, the only thing that can stop me.

    Charlie could see his fase now, black hair and only one visible eye, blue. He weared a white jacket and black pants.

    Or otherwise, the whole world will live under the power of haastregt! Muhahaha

    PS first one sending a screenshot of a heart at the described place gets 500r. It really exists becouse I made it. image.jpg
    The logo
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  8. i cant take screenshots but .-. ima draw cr- bad heart wait nvm check my signature :D
  9. Charlie and anon ventured to the frontier battling mobs on their way they followed the bedrock path that the strange mysterious figure told them to walk upon

    Anon held a hand out telling charlie to stop, they had reached their destination but had no idea what to look for

    "where is it?" charlie whispered wearily
    "I think its up there!" Exclaimed Anon
    Up above the pair was a gigantic heart shaped craft The two stepped back not knowing what to say or think. "THis must be it i mean its a heart or am i dreaming?!"
    Charlie nodded and turned to Anon "Let do this!"
    They ran to the highest mountain they could that was next to the heart, Charlie leaped and made it but not everyoen was lucky anon leaped with a grin on her fa-

    Anon shedded a tear and bravely climbed back up to the mountain and jumped successfully this time. But suddenly the sky turned a fearsome red, a storm was emerging.

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  10. It wasnt just a little storm, no totally not. But it wasnt cold. Anony looked down at the heart and saw a pearson laying there, binded with ropes. Charlie wanted to walk to the person, but the ground started shaking again and there was a big hole in the ground. That pearson again. Black hair, blue eyes, white jacket and black pants. Slowly he walked to the pearson.

    "I see you found tehrandom, brave girls out there, but that isnt all. My power is way to strong for that. I will turn everything nto suffer and pain, muhahaha...

    Tehrandom looked up to see the persons face, haastregt.

    Haastregt! She said. Dont you know anymore? These guys are your friends, this world is your home! Think about the fun we always had, the buildings we made. Suddenly haastregt leaned forward and looked her in the eyes. I was, I am not anymore... But then tehrandom gave him a kiss.

    The ground stopped shaking, the storm went over. Haastregt stood on the heart like he just was brainwashed.
    It was really bad, this time. It happened before, but not like this. Anony started screaming and charlie and teh looked back. They sal every pixel of haastregt falling apart and took place on the ground. Everything became blocks. That is why minecraft is square.

    The black is the base - the bedrock
    The blue of his eyes - the water
    The withe of his shirt - the clouds
    And his face became the dirt.

    So, like haastregt said when he was still brainwashed, he is now ruling the world. From the inside.

    Sorry for the big wall of text :/ (I dont even know if anyone is going to read it all)
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  11. so beautiful :D
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  12. sniff as soon as it loaded I saw a face full OF LOGO THING! That was scary...
  13. Haastegt that is Prima! XD
  14. OMG WERE YOU GONNA say bad WORD? (not agaisnt the rules cuz' only parts are caps :3 learned that from Kryssy :p) tut tut, TehrandomX
  15. Aws I will have to go through it and change it becuase Haastregt's virsion is Prima! I have got to like Chapter 4....
  16. love le story but im writing it out in a book atm for all of us guys ill even send one to you krysyy if you want it
  17. .-. should i publish the story now or is there gonna be more to the story if not then i'm finished its 21 pages long so i think its enough i went through and edited the spelling mistakes and things so yah i will publish now i guess
  18. 21 pages...
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  19. One: LOL teh, how long did it take ?Two: Haastegt, what is up with ya sig? three: Mine takes forever!
  20. AND FOUR: send one to me Teh :3