Minecraft Zoo now open on smp4!

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  1. Looking for something to do? Come visit the Zoo!
    Located at 9309 or by typing /v +zoo on smp4.

    • Multiple exhibits with animal information
    • Petting zoo where you can feed the animals
    • Underground bat cave
    • Café with atrium overlook
    • Gift shop selling wool, heads, animal eggs, and more!

    See you there!
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  2. I just visited. It's so cute! I love the batcave and your petting zoo is so creative. You did a really great job, it's adorable. :]
  3. Cool! I'm glad to see new things on my home smp!
  4. Sounds great btw it's the first zoo on EMC I heard about :)
  5. Good idea :p shame its not on smp1 though
  6. Stopped by today, very nice place :p
  7. If you haven't been to the Zoo since it opened (or ever!), come visit us! There have been a lot of changes in the past couple months, including:

    -renovated Petting Zoo
    -expanded Bat Cave
    -reduced pricing on most Gift Shop & Zoo Café items
    -remodeling of walkways & building exteriors
    -added a beacon to increase your speed (and combat lag) during your visit

    And now officially open for business: the Animal Shops!

    When you visit 9309 on SMP4, you will arrive at the teleport room where you can go directly to the Zoo, or visit the new Animal Shops! Each building is customized to a specific animal and sells spawn eggs, food, mob drops and more! The 9 different shops are:

    Chicken Shop
    Cow Shop
    Horse Shop
    Mooshroom Shop
    Ocelot Shop
    Pig Shop
    Sheep Shop
    Squid & Bat Shop
    Wolf Shop

    See you soon!
  8. Nah mateeee, SMP4LIFE!