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  1. To everyone out there in EMC who is a proud owner of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, please post your GT: Signature here.
    Similar to mine would be great, so we can find each other anywhere.

    I will be leaving mine on my signature block for good.

    I hope you guys will stop flooding the site with multiple threads and just consolidate here, it will make things simpler.

    I am MOM DOMINATOR. I will be available sporadically for the next several days. :) Just join me or ask me to join when you see me online playing Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. :)
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  2. I am 'HesDead Call911' and I own the only Minecraft Xbox Live public server, most popular as well, found as the top result on Google when entering the key words 'Xbox Live Minecraft Server'. The server is protected and saved every 20 minutes, after looking for any signs of grief, duplication of items, etc. The server is so far amazing but will be down until tonight (EST, -05:00 GMT) for maintenance, adding things to the server such as railroads, managing the rule board and finishing a path to the village from the spawn.
  3. ME ---> ModernMoustache. You already have me Twitch, but I have no room in my sig. :/
  4. GT: Ismoochandkill
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  5. Did chu accept me?
  6. um.. i would have to switch over to my 360 as my computer and 360 use the same tv.. i will tho... :)
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  7. Kiss n kill, eh? Best name ever, hahaha.
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  8. ^ this

    And my GT is xNurse Killjoyx ... surprise surprise <_<
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  10. Nighthawk20000. Original right? It matches my email :3

    I want to play multi!!!
  12. You Xbox live avatar is a guy but it says your a female on here :/
  13. It's my boyfriends account. My GT is ellisbaby but I don't pay for live anymore. Sorry for the confusion :)
  14. Nick Carron (Nick Cannon was taken)
  15. What's a gamertag without a few x's here and there :)
  16. Hey folks, I will be out of the loop until around 16 June so when I get back I will add you to my list.. (I had to pawn my 360 for an emergency with my wife's Visa application process.. Long story, might share it when I get back. ;))
    So anyway, don't forget me, I am not leaving forever, just a temporary absence due to my line of work. :oops:
  17. Well considering without the x's was taken by someone who has played 2 games of Halo 3 about 4 years ago, I wasn't left with much choice.
  18. Hope all is well
  19. 360 GT = HillbillyBe4st

    My brother (Madcrafter200) 360 GT = Enchiweirdo

    Feel free to add us. We haven't played MC much yet but would love to play with anyone :D
  20. GT: mrsmiley99 add me!