Minecraft Wallpaper Thread

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  1. I was on a website called novaskin when i found custom wall papers. I was bored, sick and had nothing to do. That day I also tried playing MC with my toes and i watched all of the 9th doctor. I googled minecraft wallpaper and came up with this site. After a while I got some good turnouts and thought I would share it all with you.

    Here is one with the senior staff and admin crew with a pretty face hiding below:

    Here is 72Volt and and lava FLOORS:

    Dance Party:

    Cannot really explain this one:

    This one is pretty self explanatory:

    Like cake, the fact that IcC is GameKribJEREMY is a lie:

    This one was the first one I played with. I had to have ignoramoose because of the skin:

    the link is http://minecraft.novaskin.me and then go to wall paper. Post what you think and this thread is to make and discuss your own creations :D.
  2. I did the fourth one by "accident" when I was having fun with nova skin a while ago.
  3. I did this a while ago. It's fun :D

  4. This pretty much sums up Me, RainbowChin, and nick5013's 1.7 Amplified Survival.
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