[Minecraft Tutorial] Installing Forge + Optifine Easily With 1.6.2!

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  1. Thanks to iSmooch for making this awesome tutorial for installing Forge, Optifine, and other mods with 1.6.2.

  2. Great video there, I have never seen the use of the Optiforge before, might have to look into it :)
    Also, after installing Forge and Optifine manually, I recommend the adding of the extra JVM argument:
  3. Optiforge is actually a new thing with the way forge installs with 1.6.2... because like you said, if you install manually, it has certificate issues, but with this way, you can still have certificate checks enabled.
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  5. Well, I'm guessing it's all down to preference, I myself have installing all my mods manually for close to year and a half now, and like most others had to reteach myself how to install when 1.6 came around. But, if someone is new to Minecraft or installing mods, it's best to to teach them the quick and easy way while you still can :)
  6. working on fixing that.. it was obviously removed in error.

    Yeah i know what you mean, hard installing into the jar was what i did normally, but 1.6.2 added some interesting hurdles... but i learned that how i explain it in this video helps the most people. Little interaction with anything, and quick and easy to do.

    Since Minecraft has a modding API now, lots of things will become 'Click to Install' kinds of mods. And honestly, thats how it should be.
  7. That is a very nice desktop background...
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  8. thanks smooch
  9. What is that forge thing?

  10. just a mod loader that keeps multiple mods working together, and for the most part, keep you from having to go in .jar file and actually editing it, you can just place things in the mods folder and it 'Loads' them. That is what forge does :p. Multiple mods now require it to even run.
  11. Ohh, that thing Feed the beast runs with? :)
  12. Yeah feed the beast and Tekkit and Technic all use a forge core, because it handles all their information well.
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  13. The sassy installation video.
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  14. I have the mods installed, but there is a server that responds with a 404, and i can do nothing about this.
    Is there anyway around this, or must i wait for the server to fix itself?

    Fixed it for ya ;)
  15. Mind adding the download link to optiforge?
  16. All links are in the description of the video. :)
  17. Whenever I open the minecraftforge jar installer I get that it can't find the main class and it exits immediately.