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  1. Hello Empire,

    I have realized that I don't have a survival world for singleplayer. It's because I think survival is quite boring. But, I want to start a survival world for real. I'll need some goals, though. I want to complete all of the achievements, and some additional ones, like... I don't know. If you'd leave some suggestions for things I could do, that'd be awesome. Whoever gives me the best idea after 24 hours will get 500r.

  2. Try to make every single type, no matter how obscure, of farm in vinilla minecraft. Here's a list:
    Cave Spider
    Music Disc
    Wither Skeleton
    Sugar Cane

    And for the grand finale...


    I can tell you how to make every single one of these, if you ever need some help :)
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  3. Go to the end kill the enderdragon

    Build a mansion

    have a farm for animals

    Make a statue of gir and minimoose
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  4. Make a minerails from at least 10k blocks.
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  5. -Create the world
    -Make sure it is on Easy, Normal, or Hard (Peaceful can be used if u are about to die, if u must)
    -Collect Wood, make a Crafting Table, Wooden Sword, and a Wooden Pickaxe
    -Mine some stone and make a full set of Stone Tools, and at least 1 furnace
    -Find iron
    -Make iron armor and tools
    -find a place to live and build a house with: a bed room, living room, a medium to large storage,a kitchen, and anything else u would like to have in your MC house.
    -Light up you area were u want to live.
    -Build a wall to keep mobs out(optional)
    -Find Diamonds
    -Make Diamond Pickaxe, Chest Plate, Helmet, Sword, and an Enchantment Table (rest is optional
    -Collect 16 Ender Pearls form Endermen
    -Collect 10 Obsidian
    -Build a Neather Portal
    -Go to the Neather
    -Build a small Neather Base including a 4 or more chest storage, an exit to the base using an iron door, and a main room for the Neather Portal
    -Find a Neather Fortress
    -Collect 16 Blaze Rods
    -Collect Neather Warts and Soul sand
    -Collect 3 Wither Skeleton heads (optional)
    -Collect 4 Soul Sand (optional)
    -Return to the overworld
    -Fight Wither (if you collected wither skeleton heads and soul sand)
    -Turn 8 Blaze Rods to Blaze Powder
    -Make 16 Eyes of Ender
    -Make 8 Brewing stands (optional)
    -Make Potions of Healing, Strength, etc. (recommended, but optional)
    -Make a Piston and lever
    -Find the Stronghold
    -Place Eyes of Ender in the Portal
    -Enter the End
    -Kill the Ender Dragon (Or die trying)
    -Take the Dragon Egg using the Piston and Lever
    -Return to the Overworld
    -Make an End Shrine using the Dragon Egg
    -Make a Beacon with Neather Star (if you killed the wither)
    -Imporve your base
    -Make a Statue of youself
    =-=-(New Things added to Optional)-=-=
    -Find Land for Statues, Best Place is likely to be a Plains Biome
    -Make a statue of Justin Guy, Alkir, and other Mods
    -Make a Statue of AntVenom
    -Make a Statue of SethBling
    -Make a Statue of Deadlox
    -Make a Statue of MineCraftUniverse
    -NOT OPTIONAL!!! make a statue of ICC
    =-=-=-=-=You Decide the Rest From this Point on :D=-=-=-=-=
    I might Add more things after this, if I do, odds are I'll leave a comment saying that I did :D
  6. My opinion, I think we have a winner :D
  7. Find a tree and break the bottom block, and place something easily broken in it. (like a rose) this tree is your life tree, and you must protect it whatever you do.
    anywhere you go you must build a path leading from the tree, you may not get off the path, except your 1st day.
    any time you go into a mine you must wear some kind of hat, or you may not go.
    -build a town hall
    -a bunch of houses
    -and a lighthouse.
    When you go to the nether, you must build a cobble castle and still make a path that you can not get off of. the only place you can get off is a nether fortress.
    When you reach the end, kill the dragon and spend all your xp on enchantment tables.
    I did this once and It was fun:)
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  8. xD thanks
    Step 2, Profit.
  10. HOw do you do an Iron farm again? And enderman? And music disc :p
  11. I added some new things to the list :)
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  12. Make a statue of Sky? No way on Earth would I do that!
  13. I take it you not part of the SKY Army?
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  14. Wish I could dislike posts XD
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  15. I'll just remove that part :(
  16. If its made out of wool and I can use flint and steel i would do it
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  17. There, Make a Statue of SkyDoesMineCraft has been removed :(
  18. Why U hating on sky?!? DO I NEED TO TEACH U A LESSON ABOUT HOW SQUIDS ARE EVIL?!? One of those things once got in my way in an ocean when I was drowning and blocked me for a sec, and I didn't get up in time, and I DIED!
  19. I would do what the king of lava walls would do:
    Make a lava wall around it, then pour a bucket of lava all over it.
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  20. 1. Create world.
    2. Survive.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.
    Optional 5. Play this while fighting the Ender Dragon:
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