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  1. Ok, I thought this was amazing. I am not as into the whole Gangnam Style thing as everyone else is. But this is Over 9000 times better. Don't believe me? Watch it. Thank you Notch for Tweeting about this. :D

  2. Wow!
    And it's from CaptainSparklez and TryHardNinja...
    I've loved all their parodies and this no different :)
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  3. sparkelz just gets better and better with this stuff xD
  4. Agreed
  5. HEEEEEEEY sexy piggeh!!
  6. I love how the comments on the youtube page are going a mile a minute
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  7. Liked for the pigmen thingy. Love it!

    I wonder who made it ( sarcastifully )
  8. Lol knew the creeper was going to explode at the end
  9. Not my style of music, but good nonetheless.
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  10. Love how this guy's wife almost died while he was making this, next day CaptainSparklez announces that he had been working on a Minecraft gangnam style, and d47g0n still hasn't finished his because his wife only just got out of hospital.

    CaptainSparklez pays TryHardNinja to do the lyrics, and he pays BootStrapBuckaroo for the animation and he doesn't do anything but the tune (which isn't that hard to do with the programs he uses).

    Not saying it isn't good, just a rant ;)
  11. Wow, awesome! But what editing software does he use to make his video like that?
  12. Autodesk Maya I think.
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  13. I hate the real Gangnam Style( I tend to hate songs everyone likes). But this is pretty cool. Gotta love some of Captain Sparkle's parodies.
  14. One thing I like about the song, is the fact I can understand everything they are saying (English not Korean)
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  15. Oh yeah. This is so much more awesome.