Minecraft Snapshots

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  1. This is a thread where you can post any Minecraft screenshots. The screenshots can be of EMC, a building you built, anything Minecraft Related.
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  2. I'm fighting mobzilla in a helicopter that is so hard to control. 2015-05-26_15.55.46.png
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  3. I wanted bunnies but could not find them. Then went to a friends home who had bunnies to breed them. So i open up food chest:

    his place is weird ^.^
  4. Do my work minions! 2015-05-29_14.09.32.png
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  5. 2015-05-28_07.13.49.png
    Now that's too OP.
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  6. Ok I'm going to face the queen and try to kill it. 2015-05-29_19.04.58.png
    Ready. 2015-05-29_19.05.16.png
    ATTACK! 2015-05-29_19.06.08.png
    It's shooting fireballs at me. 2015-05-29_19.07.45.png
    Okay I'm dying.
    2015-05-29_19.09.34.png And I'm dead.
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  7. What mods you you use?
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  8. Crazy Craft
  9. You think chickens are harmless right?
    Well not all of them. 2015-05-30_13.21.50.png
    HOLY CHICKENS! 2015-05-30_13.30.47.png
    And sometimes this chicken shows up.

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  10. Here are 3 superhero armor that I've just finished. 2015-05-30_18.10.56.png
  11. This is my house in its 3rd phase. 2015-05-31_11.50.02.png
    Ding Dong 2015-05-31_11.50.12.png
    Here's the first floor. 2015-05-31_11.50.23.png 2015-05-31_11.50.28.png
    And this is the second floor and the soon to be mob grinder. 2015-05-31_11.54.04.png 2015-05-31_11.50.47.png
    I'll post the rest of the house when it's finished.
  12. That zombie is trying so hard but is failing to hit me.

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  13. 2015-06-01_19.48.28.png
    Launch my little horse friend.
  14. Here are mutant mobs that are really op. 2015-06-06_15.37.12.png 2015-06-06_15.37.40.png 2015-06-06_15.38.58.png 2015-06-06_15.39.23.png 2015-06-06_15.41.14.png

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  15. Look it's Mr. Rainbow 2015-06-07_11.03.05.png
  16. Here's an enchanted golden apple cow farm. Easiest way to get enchanted golden apples

  17. It's nice an toasty in here.