Minecraft Server Requirement Question

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  1. Hey guys,

    As you know I've started doing let's plays on MC. We're renting a server with 2.5GB Ram and was curious if anyone else has rented servers before for the purpose of doing adventure type maps like we've been doing and what they use. We used something called cubedhosting which also has multicraft a very simple to use control panel type thing for the server.

    Just wondering if anyone else has used another company that they had good or bad experiences with, etc. to compare if we're maybe renting more than we need. We generally won't ever have more than 4-5 people on it and only use it for adventure maps and such.
  2. I once tried to run a Bukkit server, my anti-virus went crazy!
  3. We've had nothing but bad luck with trying to host our own using our PCs...couldn't even get my roommate to connect to my computer, which is why we rent one to begin with, haha.
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  4. once I switched my anti-virus I couldn't get it so work. So, that's when I found empire! I guess it was a good thing I couldn't get it to work!
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  5. Hmm.. I haven't used this yet, but I've heard CubedHost is pretty good - a couple of YouTubers use it.

  6. Yup, that's what we use. Do you mean like "big" youtubers?
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  7. Sorry, never read the OP through that thoroughly - never knew you were already using it :p
  8. Aww. I clicked this because for some reason, I thought it was going to mean we now had a question to answer correctly to get on the servers and it would weed out the noobz0rz who don't read the guide and stuff :(. I'm a horrible person.
  9. lmao. That gif is amazing.
  10. But are you going to make it a requirement to answer a question to enter the server? :p
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  11. Yes. It will be that gif. The question will be, "What is this gif?" The only correct answer is: Amazing.
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  12. That will weed out all of the "noobz0rz" :D
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  13. I seem to be able to run a server just fine from my laptop, however when I try bukkit it just runs a normal server and I can't shut it off.
  14. Have you made use of Hamachi?
  15. I used Minecrafted a couple of months back, they're servers were good, very little lag


    Also, may sound strange, couldn't you run your small server off the powerhouse that is EMC or would that annoy Justin :)
  16. ICC doesn't want viruses and his computer getting hacked :)
  17. And that would happen? Probably not