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  1. So, I was starting up my Minecraft client when I noticed this....

    Minecraft Realms, if you didn't notice, is on my main menu.
    When I click on it, it opens this:

    Now I'm not sure how this works or anything like that, but when I clicked the "More Info" button, it brought me to this page: http://realms.minecraft.net/
    The point of this thread is for you guys to help me and discuss minecraft realms, as I don't really know what to/how to do anything with realms. Does anyone besides myself have this feature? I asked one person, and he said that he didn't. So....help.
  2. Update: I restarted my client, and the button is now gone, and I don't even know.
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  3. Looks like somebody invited you to their Realms world, but then didn't? :confused:
  4. It was probably just a quick mojang adding your name to the alpha test list meaning it for another Nick with a string of numbers after terror name. Then they corrected it. Seems pretty interesting though, like you pay to have a server essentially, but through mojang, could be interesting.
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  5. I believe Realms is a Server Hosting by Mojang meant to be for a small group of people such as friends or family. It is a fair cost for each month.