Minecraft PS4 LP: My 3 Sons

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  1. Heyo everyone, just started a new series staring me & well, my 3 sons. The first episode is out. I apologize for my mic position, that'll be corrected with each other episode. :)

    Warning: It's a PS4 split screen, and my audio is buggered at the beginning and at the end.

    Gladly accepting all the likes & subs & shares you want to offer.

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  2. I liked it, didn't see all video's to the end yet (but saw most of 'm) and it was fun to watch. Nice to see you guys having so much fun.

    But I got to ask... Any chance that we'll be seeing you guys pop up onto the Empire too someday?
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  3. I do, but they don't have MC accounts or the extra computers to run for all of us to be on at the same time. Over the next year I would like to change that, but we'll see how it goes. So for now, we will be sticking to the console. Also with the console I can actually record, I don't have the funds to be putting into the extra stuff needed to record off of the computers :). Though, they play my MC account (except Empire actually because that's the 1 game I know/interact with people), so they are well versed.

    Really, thanks for the support. We should have more out this weekend if all goes well, with <ahem> better voicing haha.

  4. It was nice, I always like when there are more players playing at once makes a better video, But sometimes 1x1 is also good.
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