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  1. Wait, how did you get it already? It comes out in like 3 weeks.
  2. came out 1300 GMT today mate
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  3. wow i really need to buy live :(
  4. WOW, Really? I thought it was supposed to come out on the 23rd or something. Ill probably buy it after school.
  5. Finally bought it. Its amazing, but just be forewarned that it may seem a little easy as surviving wise
  6. It seems kindve' not MC. its a really old version, they could have updated it, and only my bro has it. Money is tight, so ima wait...
  7. its the equivalent of the BETA we used to play on, Notch said it would be a very basic Minecraft as its a complete rewrite of code (no java rubbish) so they're building it up from scratch again.
  8. I hate to be the guy who goes off about greedy corporations, but...
    Really? Minecraft was already booming as a PC game. I see no need for them to migrate it to Xbox as well, except for a potentially larger market, which means (surprise!) more money.
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  9. I am excited by the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. :)
    I have unlocked 2 pieces of Avatar rewards already. I like it. My biggest draw was in-home co-op up to 4 players and online co-op up to 8 players. :)
    I love EMC but sometimes I want a more intimate playing with IRL friends who may have never tried out Minecraft. :)

    I bought mine at Game Stop today @0900 EST. Since I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday and my recovery goes into a 4 day weekend, I have many hours to dedicate to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition when I am not passing out from my medications. :)

    I get nauseous sitting at the computer, this couldn't have come at a better time. :)
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  10. I am MOM DOMINATOR on Xbox 360 if you want to join me in my Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition world. :)
    I think it may be MOM_DOMINATOR for finding me... :)
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  11. Cool, I would love to add you, but do you have a mic? I sound like a little girl.
  12. I do have a mic I can use. :)
  13. :( my xbox wont let me buy this right now and i tried getting ms points but i cant get them on the website either. i really wanted to play the game :/ maybe tomorrow ill be able to.
  14. Wow, now I really feel left out as the guy without the Xbox....
  15. Yay.....The 12 year old kid with the grown man. This should be fun. XD, I'm gonna buy it right now, wanna play?
  16. Dont you have to be 13 to play on these servers?...
    Also, your profile says your 24, so if you are really 12, your are breaking two major rules...
  17. Java is rubbish why, exactly?
  18. it hugely restricts what the computer can do with the program being run though it. for instance java limits the processing power to a single core on your computer, I'm rocking a 7 year old laptop right now and its crying out to have its other core used when playing minecraft.
  19. Uh, what are you on about? Java was built from day 1 to support concurrency and has had full support for multi-core/multi-processor execution since Java 5. There are no such limits that you speak of. If you'd like to prove me wrong, I'd like you to give me some evidence to back up your claim.

    That being said, just because Java is capable of concurrency and multi-core/multi-processor usage, doesn't mean that the programmer necessarily makes use of those features. In fact, as a professional software developer, I can tell you that programming for concurrency is much more difficult and time-consuming than "normal" programming, and is often not worth doing, due to the return on investment (ROI) not being high enough. I'm fairly certain that Minecraft has not been programmed to support multi-core/multi-processor capabilities, (note that this is an educated guess; I've not actually looked at the code) mainly because it would increase the complexity of the application and very likely would provide very little gain.

    What, exactly, do you think should or could be parallelized in Minecraft? :p

    Yeah, okay, you can't blame Java for your old and outdated hardware, man. :p