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  1. I still wouldn't buy a Wii U or 3Ds, my x-box 360 and PC are all i need
  2. What's next? Minecraft on toasters?
  3. ya i seen this is basically like the xbox version
  4. The first time I attempted to watch it, my computer crashed, it includes some words not meant for younger viewers.
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  5. I think that has already happened.. Isn't the Raspberry Pi a toaster..?
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  6. I would assume so lol
  7. I bet they put it on the ps vita next
  8. They already beat you to that, the ps3/ps4 version will be crossbuy compatible with the vita version which is coming out soon in August it would seem, although the ps4 version is coming out with the vita version and the xbone version.. :D
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  9. No, Raspberry Pi is a spatula.
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